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Creates a dataset with all metadata tables for a particular library. More...

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Detailed Description

Will only show the tables for which the executing user has the requisite metadata access.


[in]uri=the uri of the library for which to return tables
[out]outds=(work.mm_gettables) the dataset to contain the list of tables
[in]getauth=(YES) Fetch the authdomain used in database connections. Set to NO to improve runtimes in larger environments, as there can be a performance hit on the metadata_getattr(domainuri, "Name", AuthDomain) call.
outds dataset containing all groups in a column named "metagroup" (defaults to work.mm_getlibs). The following columns are provided:
  • tablename
  • tableuri
  • libref
  • libname
  • libdesc
Allan Bowe

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