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Send data to/from SAS Stored Processes. More...

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Detailed Description

This macro should be added to the start of each Stored Process, immediately** followed by a call to:


This will read all the input data and create same-named SAS datasets in the WORK library. You can then insert your code, and send data back using the following syntax:

data some datasets; * make some data ;
retain some columns;

%mm_webout(ARR,some)  * Array format, fast, suitable for large tables ;
%mm_webout(OBJ,datasets) * Object format, easier to work with ;

Finally, wrap everything up send some helpful system variables too

actionEither FETCH, OPEN, ARR, OBJ or CLOSE
dsThe dataset to send back to the frontend
dslabel=value to use instead of the real name for sending to JSON
fmt=(Y)Set to N to send back unformatted values
fref=(_webout)The fileref to which to write the JSON
Allan Bowe

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