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Returns all direct child members of a particular folder. More...

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Detailed Description

Displays the children for a particular folder, in a similar fashion to the viya counterpart (


%mm_getfoldermembers(root=/, outds=rootfolders)

%mm_getfoldermembers(root=/User Folders/&sysuserid, outds=usercontent)
[in]root=the parent folder under which to return all contents
[out]outds=the dataset to create that contains the list of directories
[in]mDebug=set to 1 to show debug messages in the log

Data Outputs

Example for root=/:

metauri $17 metaname $256 metatype $32
A5XLSNXI.AA000001 Products Folder
A5XLSNXI.AA000002 Shared Data Folder
A5XLSNXI.AA000003 User Folders Folder
A5XLSNXI.AA000004 System Folder
A5XLSNXI.AA00003K 30.SASApps Folder
A5XLSNXI.AA00006A Public Folder

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