Macros for SAS Application Developers
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server Directory Reference

Macros used with sasjs/server


Detailed Description

These macros have the following attributes:

  OS independent
  sasjs/server aware
  No X command
  Prefixes: _ms_

 Sets the http headers in the SASjs/server response.
 Adds a user to a group on SASjs Server.
 Creates a file on SASjs Drive.
 Creates a group on SASjs Server.
 Creates a user on SASjs Server.
 Create a Web-Ready Stored Program.
 Deletes a file from SASjs Drive.
 Gets a file from SASjs Drive.
 Fetches the list of groups from SASjs Server.
 Fetches the list of users from SASjs Server.
 Executes a SASjs Server Stored Program.
 Will execute a SASjs web service on SASjs Server.
 Send data to/from sasjs/server.