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Add or update an extension to an application component. More...

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Detailed Description

A SAS Application (SoftwareComponent) is a great place to store app specific parameters. There are two main places those params can be stored: 1) Configuration, and 2) Extensions. The second location will enable end users to modify parameters even if they don't have the Configuration Manager plugin in SMC. This macro can be used after creating an application with the macro. If a parameter with the same name exists, it is updated. If it does not, it is created.


mm_updateappextension(app=/my/metadata/path/myappname ,paramname=My Param ,paramvalue=My value ,paramdesc=some description)

[in]app=the BIP Tree folder path plus Application Name
[in]paramname=Parameter name
[in]paramvalue=Parameter value
[in]paramdesc=Parameter description
[in]frefin=change default inref if it clashes with an existing one
[out]frefout=change default outref if it clashes with an existing one
[in]mDebug=set to 1 to show debug messages in the log
Allan Bowe

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