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Create an Application object in a metadata folder. More...

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Detailed Description

Application objects are useful for storing properties in metadata. This macro is idempotent - it will not create an object with the same name in the same location, twice.


%mm_createapplication(tree=/User Folders/sasdemo
  ,params= name1=value1
application components do not get deleted when removing the container folder! be sure you have the administrative priviliges to remove this kind of metadata from the SMC plugin (or be ready to do to so programmatically).

SAS Macros

[in]tree=The metadata folder uri, or the metadata path, in which to create the object. This must exist.
[in]name=Application object name. Avoid spaces.
[in]ClassIdentifier=The class of applications to which this app belongs
[in]params=name=value pairs which will become public properties of the application object. These are delimited using 
 (newline character)
[in]desc=Application description (optional). Avoid ampersands as these are illegal characters (unless they are escapted- eg &)
[in]version=version number of application
[in]frefin=fileref to use (enables change if there is a conflict). The filerefs are left open, to enable inspection after running the macro (or importing into an xmlmap if needed).
[out]frefout=fileref to use (enables change if there is a conflict)
[in]mDebug=set to 1 to show debug messages in the log
Allan Bowe

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