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Detailed Description

Currently only supports BASE engine

This macro is idempotent - if you run it twice (for the same libref or libname), it will only create one library. There is a dependency on other macros in this library - they should be installed as a suite (see README).


  libname=My New Library
  ,libdesc=Super & <fine>
  ,tree=/User Folders/sasdemo

SAS Macros

[in]libname=(My New Library) Library name (as displayed to user, 256 chars). Duplicates are not created (case sensitive).
[in]libref=(mynewlib) Library libref (8 chars). Duplicate librefs are not created, HOWEVER- the check is not case sensitive - if libref* exists, LIBREF will still be created. Librefs created will always be uppercased.
[in]engine=Library engine (currently only BASE supported)
[in]tree=The metadata folder uri, or the metadata path, in which to create the library.
[in]servercontext=(SASApp) The SAS server against which the library is registered.
[in]IsPreassigned=set to 1 if the library should be pre-assigned.
[in]libdesc=Library description (optional)
[in]directory=(/tmp/somelib) Required for the BASE engine. The metadata directory objects are searched to find an existing one with a matching physical path. If more than one uri found with that path, then the first one will be used. If no URI is found, a new directory object will be created. The physical path will also be created, if it doesn't exist.
[in]mDebug=set to 1 to show debug messages in the log
[in]frefin=fileref to use (enables change if there is a conflict). The filerefs are left open, to enable inspection after running the macro (or importing into an xmlmap if needed).
[out]frefout=fileref to use (enables change if there is a conflict)
Allan Bowe

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