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Assigns library directly using details from metadata. More...

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Detailed Description

Queries metadata to get the libname definition then allocates the library directly (ie, not using the META engine). usage:

data x; set mylib.sometable; run;

create table MyTable as
  select * from connection to MyAlias( select * from DBTable);
disconnect from MyAlias;

SAS Macros

[in]librefthe libref (not name) of the metadata library
[in]open_passthrough=() Provide an alias to produce the CONNECT TO statement for the relevant external database
[in]sql_options=() Add any options to add to proc sql statement, eg outobs= (only valid for pass through)
[in]mDebug=(0) set to 1 to show debug messages in the log
[in]mAbort=(0) set to 1 to call mp_abort().
libname statement
Allan Bowe

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