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Create a Document object in a metadata folder. More...

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Detailed Description

Document objects are useful for storing properties in metadata. This macro is idempotent - it will not create an object with the same name in the same location, twice. Note - the filerefs are left open, to enable inspection after running the macro (or importing into an xmlmap if needed).


%mm_createdocument(tree=/User Folders/sasdemo

SAS Macros

[in]tree=The metadata folder uri, or the metadata path, in which to create the document. This must exist.
[in]name=Document object name. Avoid spaces.
[in]desc=Document description (optional)
[in]textrole=TextRole property (optional)
[in]frefin=fileref to use (enables change if there is a conflict)
[out]frefout=fileref to use (enables change if there is a conflict)
[in]mDebug=set to 1 to show debug messages in the log
Allan Bowe

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