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Returns a dataset with all Stored Processes, or just those in a particular folder / with a particular name. More...

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Detailed Description

Leave blank to get all stps. Provide a Tree (path or uri) or a name (not case sensitive) to filter that way also. usage:


%mm_getstps(name=My STP)

%mm_getstps(tree=/My Folder/My STPs)

%mm_getstps(tree=/My Folder/My STPs, name=My STP)

SAS Macros

[in]tree=() the metadata folder location in which to search. Leave blank for all folders. Does not search subdirectories.
[in]name=Provide the name of an STP to search for just that one. Can combine with the tree= parameter.
[out]outds=the dataset to create that contains the list of stps.
[in]mDebug=set to 1 to show debug messages in the log
[in]showDesc=provide a non blank value to return stored process descriptions
[in]showUsageVersion=() Provide a non blank value to return the UsageVersion. This is either 1000000 (type 1, 9.2) or 2000000 (type2, 9.3 onwards).
outds dataset containing the following columns
  • stpuri
  • stpname
  • treeuri
  • stpdesc (if requested)
  • usageversion (if requested)
Allan Bowe

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