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Loads a format catalog from a staging dataset. More...

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Detailed Description

When loading staged data, it is common to receive only the records that have actually changed. However, when loading a format catalog, if records are missing they are presumed to be no longer required.

This macro will augment a staging dataset with other records from the same format, to prevent loss of data - UNLESS the input dataset contains a marker column, specifying that a particular row needs to be deleted (delete_col=).

Positions of formats are made using the FMTROW variable - this must be present and unique (on TYPE / FMTNAME / FMTROW).

This macro can also be used to identify which records would be (or were) considered new, modified or deleted (loadtarget=) by creating the following tables:

  • work.outds_add
  • work.outds_del
  • work.outds_mod

For example usage, see test (under Related Macros)

[in]libcatThe format catalog to be loaded
[in]libdsThe staging table to load
[in]loadtarget=(NO) Set to YES to actually load the target catalog
[in]delete_col=(_____DELETE__THIS__RECORD_____) The column used to mark a record for deletion. Values should be "Yes" or "No".
[out]auditlibds=(0) For change tracking, set to the libds of an audit table as defined in
[in]locklibds=(0) For multi-user (parallel) situations, set to the libds of the DC lock table as defined in the macro.
[out]outds_add=(0) Set a libds here to see the new records added
[out]outds_del=(0) Set a libds here to see the records deleted
[out]outds_mod=(0) Set a libds here to see the modified records
[in]mdebug=(0) Set to 1 to enable DEBUG messages and preserve outputs

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