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Mechanism for locking tables to prevent parallel modifications. More...

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Detailed Description

Uses a control table to enable ANY table to be locked for updates (not just SAS datasets). Only useful if every update uses the macro! Used heavily within Data Controller for SAS.

[in]actionThe action to be performed. Valid values:
  • LOCK - Sets the lock flag, also confirms if a SAS lock is available
  • UNLOCK - Unlocks the table
[in]lib=(WORK) The libref of the table to lock. Should already be assigned.
[in]ds=The dataset to lock
[in]ref=A meaningful reference to enable the lock to be traced. Max length is 200 characters.
[out]ctl_ds=(0) The control table which controls the actual locking. Should already be assigned and available. The definition is available by running the macro.
[in]loops=(25) Number of times to check for a lock.
[in]loop_secs=(1) Seconds to wait between each lock attempt

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