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Guess the primary key of a table. More...

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Detailed Description

Tries to guess the primary key of a table based on the following logic:

  Columns with nulls are ignored
  Return only column combinations that provide unique results
  Start from one column, then move out to composite keys of 2 to 6 columns

The library of the target should be assigned before using this macro.


filename mc url
%inc mc;
[in]basedsThe dataset to analyse
[out]outds=(mp_guesspk) Output dataset to contain the possible PKs
[in]max_guesses=(3) The total number of possible primary keys to generate. A table may have multiple (unlikely) PKs, so no need to list them all.
[in]min_rows=(5) The minimum number of rows a table should have in order to try and guess the PK.
[in]ignore_cols(0) Space seperated list of columns which you are sure are not part of the primary key (helps to avoid false positives)
[in]mdebug=Set to 1 to enable DEBUG messages and preserve outputs

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