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Returns dataset variable list direct from header. More...

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Detailed Description

WAY faster than dictionary tables or sas views, and can also be called in macro logic (is pure macro). Can be used in open code, eg as follows:

%put List of Variables=%mf_getvarlist(sashelp.class);


List of Variables=Name Sex Age Height Weight

For a seperated list of column values:

  %put %mf_getvarlist(sashelp.class,dlm=%str(,),quote=double);



[in]libdsTwo part dataset (or view) reference.
[in]dlm=( ) Provide a delimiter (eg comma or space) to separate the variables
[in]quote=(none) use either DOUBLE or SINGLE to quote the results
[in]typefilter=(A) Filter for certain types of column. Valid values:
  • A Return All columns
  • C Return Character columns
  • N Return Numeric columns
Allan Bowe

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