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Executes a SAS Viya Job. More...

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Detailed Description

Triggers a SAS Viya Job, with optional URL parameters, using the JES web app.

First, compile the macros:

filename mc url
%inc mc;

Then, execute the job!


Example with parameters:

[in]access_token_var=The global macro variable to contain the access token
[in]grant_type=valid values:
detect - will check if access_token exists, if not will use sas_services if
a SASStudioV session else authorization_code.  Default option.
sas_services - will use oauth_bearer=sas_services
[in]path=The SAS Drive path to the job being executed
[in]name=The name of the job to execute
[in]paramstring=A JSON fragment with name:value pairs, eg: "name":"value" or "name":"value","name2":42. This will need to be wrapped instr()`.
[in]contextName=Context name with which to run the job. Default = SAS Job Execution compute context
[out]outds=The output dataset containing links (Default=work.mv_jobexecute)
VIYA V.03.04
Allan Bowe, source:

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