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Gets a list of folder members (and ids) for a given root. More...

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Detailed Description

Returns all members for a particular Viya folder. Works at both root level and below, and results are created in an output dataset.

  %mv_getfoldermembers(root=/Public, outds=work.mymembers)
[in]root=(/) The path for which to return the list of folders
[out]outds=(work.mv_getfolders) The output dataset to create. Format:
ordinal_root ordinal_items creationTimeStamp modifiedTimeStamp createdBy modifiedBy id uri added type name description
1 1 2021-05-25T11:15:04.204Z 2021-05-25T11:15:04.204Z allbow allbow 4f1e3945-9655-462b-90f2-c31534b3ca47 /folders/folders/ed701ff3-77e8-468d-a4f5-8c43dec0fd9e 2021-05-25T11:15:04.212Z child my_folder_name My folder Description
[in]access_token_var=(ACCESS_TOKEN) The global macro variable to contain the access token
[in]grant_type=(sas_services) Valid values are:
  • password
  • authorization_code
  • detect
  • sas_services
VIYA V.03.04
Allan Bowe, source:

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