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Will execute a SASjs web service on SASjs Server. More...

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Detailed Description

Prepares the input files and retrieves the resulting datasets from the response JSON.

[in]programThe Stored Program endpoint to test
[in]inputfiles=(0)A list of space seperated fileref:filename pairs as follows: inputfiles=inref:filename inref2:filename2
[in]inputdatasets=(0) All datasets in this space seperated list are converted into SASJS-formatted CSVs (see files and added to the list of inputfiles for ingestion. The dataset will be sent with the same name (no need for a colon modifier).
[in]inputparams=(0)A dataset containing name/value pairs in the following format:
name:$32 value:$1000
stpmacname some value
mustbevalidname can be anything, oops, abort!!
[in]debug=(131) Provide the _debug value to pass to the STP
[in]mdebug=(0) Set to 1 to provide macro debugging (this macro)
[out]outlib=(0) Output libref to contain the final tables. Set to 0 if the service output is not in JSON format.
[out]outref=(0) Output fileref to create, to contain the full _webout response.
[out]outlogds=(null) Set to the name of a dataset to contain the log. Table format:
log line 1
log line 2

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