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Create a Markdown Table from a dataset. More...

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Detailed Description

A markdown table is a simple table representation for use in documents written in markdown format.

An online generator is available here:

This structure is also used by the Macro Core library for documenting input/ output datasets, as well as the sasjs/cli tool for documenting inputs/outputs for web services.

We take the standard definition one step further by embedding the informat in the table header row, like so:

|some text|42|01JAN1960|

Which resolves to:

var1:$32 var2:best. var3:date9.
some text 42 01JAN1960
blah 1 31DEC1999


[in]libdsthe library / dataset to create or read from.
[out]outref=(mdtable) Fileref to contain the markdown
[out]showlog=(YES) Set to NO to avoid printing markdown to the log

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