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Export a dataset to SQL insert statements. More...

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Detailed Description

Converts dataset values to SQL insert statements for use across multiple database types.


data class;
  set sashelp.class;
proc sql;
%inc myref;
[in]dsThe dataset to be exported
[in]maxobs=(max) The max number of inserts to create
[out]outref=(0) The output fileref. If it does not exist, it is created. If it does exist, new records are APPENDED.
[out]schema=(0) The library (or schema) in which the target table is located. If not provided, is ignored.
[out]outds=(0) The output table to load. If not provided, will default to the table in the &ds parameter.
[in]flavour=(SAS) The SQL flavour to be applied to the output. Valid options:
  • SAS (default) - suitable for regular proc sql
  • PGSQL - Used for Postgres databases
[in]applydttm=(YES) If YES, any columns using datetime formats will be converted to native DB datetime literals

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Allan Bowe (credit mjsq)

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