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Checks if a set of macro variables exist AND contain values. More...

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Detailed Description

Writes ERROR to log if abortType is SOFT, else will call mf_abort. Usage:

%let var1=x;
%let var2=y;
%put %mf_verifymacvars(var1 var2);



SAS Macros

[in]verifyvarsSpace separated list of macro variable names
[in]makeupcase=(NO) Set to YES to convert all variable VALUES to uppercase.
[in]mAbort=(SOFT) Abort Type. When SOFT, simply writes an err message to the log. Set to any other value to call mf_abort (which can be configured to abort in various fashions according to context).
will not be able to verify the following variables due to naming clash!
  • verifyVars
  • verifyVar
  • verifyIterator
  • makeUpcase
Allan Bowe

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