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Fetches all groups or the groups for a particular member. More...

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Detailed Description

When building applications that run on multiple flavours of SAS, it is convenient to use a single macro (like this one) to fetch the groups regardless of the flavour of SAS being used

The alternative would be to compile a generic macro in target-specific folders (SASVIYA, SAS9 and SASJS). This avoids compiling unnecessary macros at the expense of a more complex sasjsconfig.json setup.

[in]mdebug=(0) Set to 1 to enable DEBUG messages
[in]user=(0) Provide the username on which to filter
[in]uid=(0) Provide the userid on which to filter
[in]repo=(foundation) SAS9 only, choose the metadata repo to query
[in]access_token_var=(ACCESS_TOKEN) VIYA only. The global macro variable to contain the access token
[in]grant_type=(sas_services) VIYA only. Valid values are "password" or "authorization_code" (unquoted).
[out]outds=(work.mx_getgroups) This output dataset will contain the list of groups. Format:
SomeGroup A group 1
Another Group this is a different group 2
admin Administrators 3

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