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Creates a dataset with a list of users. More...

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Detailed Description

First, be sure you have an access token (which requires an app token)

Using the macros here:

filename mc url
%inc mc;

An administrator needs to set you up with an access code:


Navigate to the url from the log (opting in to the groups) and paste the access code below:


Now we can run the macro!


Output (lengths are dynamic):

ordinal_root num,
ordinal_items num,
version num,
id char(20),
name char(23),
providerId char(4),
type char(4),
creationTimeStamp char(24),
modifiedTimeStamp char(24),
state char(6)
[in]access_token_var=(ACCESS_TOKEN) The global macro variable to contain the access token
[in]grant_type=(sas_services) Valid values: password authorization_code detect - will check if access_token exists, if not will use sas_services if a SASStudioV session else authorization_code. sas_services - will use oauth_bearer=sas_services
[out]outds=(work.mv_getusers) The library.dataset to be created that contains the list of groups
VIYA V.03.04
Allan Bowe, source:

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