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Creates a zip file. More...

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Detailed Description

For DIRECTORY usage, will ignore subfolders. For DATASET usage, provide a column that contains the full file path to each file to be zipped.


If you are sending zipped output to the _webout destination as part of an STP be sure that _debug is not set (else the SPWA will send non zipped content as well).

SAS Macros

[in]in=unquoted filepath, dataset of files or directory to zip
[in]type=(FILE) Valid values:
  • FILE - /full/path/and/filename.extension to a particular file
  • DATASET - a dataset containing a list of files to zip (see incol)
  • DIRECTORY - a directory to zip
[out]outname=(FILE) Output file to create, without .zip extension
[out]outpath=(sysfunc(pathname(WORK))) Parent folder for zip file
[in]incol=() If DATASET input, say which column contains the filepath

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