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An opinionated way to execute DDL files in SAS. More...

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Detailed Description

When delivering projects there should be seperation between the DDL used to generate the tables and the sample data used to populate them.

This macro expects certain folder structure - eg:

rootlib |– LIBREF1 | |__ mytable.ddl | |__ someothertable.ddl |– LIBREF2 | |__ table1.ddl | |__ table2.ddl |– LIBREF3 |__ table3.ddl |__ table4.ddl

Only files with the .ddl suffix are executed. The parent folder name is used as the libref. Files should NOT contain the proc sql statement - this is to prevent statements being executed if there is an err condition.


mp_runddl(/some/rootlib) * execute all libs ;

mp_runddl(/some/rootlib, inc=LIBREF1 LIBREF2) * include only these libs;

mp_runddl(/some/rootlib, exc=LIBREF3) * same as above ;

[in]pathlocation of the DDL folder structure
[in]inc=list of librefs to include
[in]exc=list of librefs to exclude (takes precedence over inc=)
Allan Bowe @source

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