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Detailed Description

Formats are exported from the first (if any) catalog entry in the FMTSEARCH path.

Formats are taken from the library / dataset reference and / or a static format list.

Note - the source for this information is the dictionary.formats table. This cannot show formats that are not already declared in the FMTSEARCH path.

Example usage:


%mp_getformats(fmtlist=FORMAT1 $FORMAT2 @INFMT3,outsummary=work.table2)
[in]lib=(0) The libref for which to return formats.
Enable exporting of formats for an entire library
[in]ds=(0) The dataset from which to obtain format definitions
[in]fmtlist=(0) A list of additional format names
[out]outsummary=(work.mp_getformats_summary) Output dataset containing summary definitions - structure taken from dictionary.formats as follows:
libname:$8. memname:$32. path:$1024. objname:$32. fmtname:$32. fmttype:$1. source:$1. minw:best. mind:best. maxw:best. maxd:best. defw:best. defd:best.
$ F B 1 0 32767 0 1 0
$ I B 1 0 32767 0 1 0
/opt/sas/sas9/SASHome/SASFoundation/9.4/sasexe UWIANYDT $ANYDTIF I U 1 0 60 0 19 0
/opt/sas/sas9/SASHome/SASFoundation/9.4/sasexe UWFASCII $ASCII F U 1 0 32767 0 1 0
/opt/sas/sas9/SASHome/SASFoundation/9.4/sasexe UWIASCII $ASCII I U 1 0 32767 0 1 0
/opt/sas/sas9/SASHome/SASFoundation/9.4/sasexe UWFBASE6 $BASE64X F U 1 0 32767 0 1 0
[out]outdetail=(0) Provide an output dataset in which to export all the custom format definitions (from proc format CNTLOUT). Definitions: Sample data:
FMTNAME:$32. START:$16. END:$16. LABEL:$256. MIN:best. MAX:best. DEFAULT:best. LENGTH:best. FUZZ:best. PREFIX:$2. MULT:best. FILL:$1. NOEDIT:best. TYPE:$1. SEXCL:$1. EEXCL:$1. HLO:$13. DECSEP:$1. DIG3SEP:$1. DATATYPE:$8. LANGUAGE:$8.
WHICHPATH 0 0 path1 1 40 28 28 1E-12 0 0 N N N
WHICHPATH **OTHER** **OTHER** big fat problem if not path1 1 40 28 28 1E-12 0 0 N N N O

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