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Extract DBML from SAS Libraries. More...

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Detailed Description

DBML is an open source markup format to represent databases. More details:


%mp_getdbml(liblist=SASHELP WORK,outref=mydbml,showlog=YES)

Take the log output and paste it into the renderer at to view your data model diagram. The code takes a "best guess" at the one to one and one to many relationships (based on constraints and indexes, and assuming that the column names would match).

You may need to adjust the rendered DBML to suit your needs.

dbml for sas

SAS Macros

[in]liblist=(SASHELP) Space seperated list of librefs to take as input
[out]outref=(getdbml) Fileref to contain the DBML
[in]showlog=(NO) set to YES to show the DBML in the log
Allan Bowe

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