Macros for SAS Application Developers
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2 @file
3 @brief The CNTLOUT table generated by proc format
4 @details The actual CNTLOUT table may have varying variable lengths,
5 depending on the data values, therefore the max possible lengths
6 (given various practical restrictions) are described here to enable
7 consistency when dealing with format data.
9 The HLO variable may have a number of values, documented here due to the
10 256 char label description length limit:
12 F=Standard format/informat.
13 H=Range ending value is HIGH.
14 I=Numeric informat.
15 J=Justification for an informat.
16 L=Range starting value is LOW.
17 M=MultiLabel.
18 N=Format or informat has no ranges, including no OTHER= range.
19 O=Range is OTHER.
20 R=ROUND option is in effect.
21 S=Specifies that NOTSORTED is in effect.
22 U=Specifies that the UPCASE option for an informat be used.
28%macro mddl_sas_cntlout(libds=WORK.CNTLOUT);
30 proc sql;
31 create table &libds(
32 TYPE char(1) label=
33'Format Type: either N (num fmt), C (char fmt), I (num infmt) or J (char infmt)'
34 ,FMTNAME char(32) label='Format name'
35 ,FMTROW num label=
36'CALCULATED Position of record by FMTNAME (reqd for multilabel formats)'
37 ,START char(32767) label='Starting value for format'
38 /*
39 Keep lengths of START and END the same to avoid this err:
40 "Start is greater than end: -<."
41 Similar usage note:
42 */
43 ,END char(32767) label='Ending value for format'
44 ,LABEL char(32767) label='Format value label'
45 ,MIN num length=3 label='Minimum length'
46 ,MAX num length=3 label='Maximum length'
47 ,DEFAULT num length=3 label='Default length'
48 ,LENGTH num length=3 label='Format length'
49 ,FUZZ num label='Fuzz value'
50 ,PREFIX char(2) label='Prefix characters'
51 ,MULT num label='Multiplier'
52 ,FILL char(1) label='Fill character'
53 ,NOEDIT num length=3 label='Is picture string noedit?'
54 ,SEXCL char(1) label='Start exclusion'
55 ,EEXCL char(1) label='End exclusion'
56 ,HLO char(13) label=
57'More info:'
58 ,DECSEP char(1) label='Decimal separator'
59 ,DIG3SEP char(1) label='Three-digit separator'
60 ,DATATYPE char(8) label='Date/time/datetime?'
61 ,LANGUAGE char(8) label='Language for date strings'
62 );
64 %local lib;
65 %let libds=%upcase(&libds);
66 %if %index(&libds,.)=0 %then %let lib=WORK;
67 %else %let lib=%scan(&libds,1,.);
69 proc datasets lib=&lib noprint;
70 modify %scan(&libds,-1,.);
71 index create
72 pk_cntlout=(type fmtname fmtrow)
73 /nomiss unique;
74 quit;
76%mend mddl_sas_cntlout;